Finder search doesn't work properly after Yosemite update

Has your spotlight been botched? IN short, finder relies on spotlight to find things quickly.

This will take a while (5 or so mins) and make your Mac go into "jump-jet" mode with the fans, but:

  1. Drop to terminal
  2. type in sudo rm -rf /.Spotlight-V100
  3. then sudo rm -rf /.Spotlight-V200
  4. then sudo mdutil -i off /
  5. then sudo mdutil -i on /
  6. finally sudo mdutil -E /

Basically in sport, it resets spotlight and tells it to reindex EVERYTHING it normally should do on your "Macintosh HD". (Everything unless you've previously added entries to the privacy list)

As I said before, it'll make your fans go crazy for a while, but this is expected.

After that, all should be great! :)

I saw this behavior and... you know what... it's really unexplainable. I don't have a root cause (obviously) but I did resolve the problem in this way (below). I also leave a note below but I am unsure if it relates directly as to why the finder started to show results when I would search.

In general, my finder would not display any files when I opened it up and tried to make a search. Here is a picture for discussion:

search sample

What I noticed is that when I switched the button that I point to with to #2 (marked in the picture), it would show results, but if I switched to the button that I point to in #1, there would be no results.

I kept closing Finder and opening it over and over, swapping between 1 and 2. Eventually all of the different file display methods, (1, 2 and the other 2) would display results correctly when I searched for something.

I am unsure if the OS was still indexing, or there's truly a stupid bug. Check the "Note" below, because it may be related.

Note: this may not be related, but I mention it anyways... before I started playing with the Finder search, I disabled "Search Suggestions" and "Bing Web Search" by unchecking them under: System Preferences > Spotlights > Search Results.

I don't want my laptop to query the internet and use spotlight (And BING for that matter) to find things for me, if I want to make a search, i'll go to

A few days ago, the next time I started my MBP after installing Yosemite I had an issue with Finder and an existing folder. When OS X came up I was immediately presented with a window that asked me where I wanted the linked folder to OneDrive to be created at, but it had already been created under Mavericks weeks before. I could see that OneDrive was still displayed in Finder's sidebar and checked whether the folder for OneDrive was still there in my home folder, and it was. Anyway, I went through the options presented by this window and when it came to re-creating the folder in my home folder I responded yes, and it replied that the folder already existed so I cancelled the window and nothing untoward has happened since. Note that I also have GoogleDrive linked in the same way for synchronising but Finder has not had a problem with this.