Mac OSX not automatically remapping windows key to cmd

I fixed the issue!

Turns out that on this keyboard, doing fn + f12 actually disables the windows key. This was turned on by default. This is why nothing was working when I would press the windows key. I pressed fn + f12 again and now everything works :| weeks of frustration all due to me not looking at my keyboard layout :(

With my Durgod keyboard it was the Fn + Windows combination to lock/unlock the windows key to switch it to the command key.

This solution is completely non-intuitive, but it worked for my case.

I have my gaming keyboard (made for Windows) attached to my work MacBook Pro. Previously, the Windows key was seamlessly mapped to the Apple command key without my having to do anything other than plug it in. After several Big Sur updates, suddenly my Windows key no longer worked.

After some experimentation and research, the following was successful.

  • Open system settings.
  • Select keyboard.
  • Select Modifier Keys... button.
  • Set Option Key to Command.
  • Set Command Key to Option.
  • OK

At this point, both my option keys behaved as command keys, and my command key behaved as an option key.

One detail that may or may not be relevant to this solution. On my gaming keyboard, the option keys are in the exact physical position as the command keys on my MacBook Pro, and the left Windows key is in the exact physical position as the left option key on my MacBook Pro.

I had a slightly different experience than the others did here. My Windows key wasn't locked -- it simply wasn't assigned in the keyboard's memory. In order to get this to work correctly, I had to download the software for the CM Storm Trigger Z (which should function similar to your Quickfire) on a Windows machine, assign the correct key to act as the Windows key, and then it worked when returning the keyboard to my Mac.

You can find the company's instructions on downloading the software and getting this fixed here, by clicking "Download" and then "Windows Key Setup":

There's one other thing that has to happen before your keyboard will work on OSX correctly: you have to select the keyboard's profile by pressing the storm button and the number 1 at the same time. This activates the profile for which you've programmed the storm key to function as the Super key (Windows key / CMD key).

In my case with Logitech G413 the windows key also stopped working. Fn+F12 didn't help but plain old unplugging the USB cable and plugging back helped.

For Cooler Master Keyboard it's Fn + F9 to enable and disable the lock.

For some Logitech keyboards, Game Mode is controlled by a physical toggle with a joystick on it.

Pretty sure my kitten bumped it. The scamp.

But yeah, if none of the Fn combos work, look for a physical toggle.